I often do custom work, but I never think to have a professional photograph taken of it.  I sometimes snap a quick photo in the studio and I thought I would share a few of those with you. 

Yes, those dirty hands are mine!

This is a set of "divorce rings" that I made for a client using jewelry that was given to her by her ex over the course of their marriage. The marquise cut ruby is set in white gold, the gorgeous hearts and arrows diamond is set in rose gold and the three brilliant cut rubies are set in yellow gold. It was a fun project and we were all pleased with the outcome!

My little foxes are just as popular as even and I get orders for them from around the world. These two little guys have custom stone settings and the ruby eyed fox was on his way to Toronto while the black diamond eyed fox was headed all the way to Australia!

This special rose gold fox was a commission from a husband to his wife on her 50th birthday. His eyes are set with peridot - the photo doesn't do justice to the subtle, soft beauty of this colour combination.

This project was a favourite of mine. It is a commissioned Tudor style engagement ring for a girl I went to high school with. The combination of research, sneakiness, and nostalgia was just right for me and we were all so happy with the outcome. It fits Shawnee to a T. 

The entire piece is constructed from sterling silver, rose gold and topped by a rose cut diamond. 

John proposed to Shawnee shortly after this photo was taken at a John Lennon tribute in Central Park. 

I should also mention that John is a very talented photographer and he took a photograph of Shawnee wearing the ring which I will share with you below!

Shawnee's Ring.jpg

This was another wedding set for a couple of local artists. The bride wanted something fun, wearable and versatile. Her groom had proposed to her with one of my Joan of Arc rings in sterling silver and black spinel. So we came up with the 14K yellow gold set of bands to stack around it. The concept was that setting a black spinel into one of the bands would allow the stacking rings to function as a wedding set even if the engagement ring wasn't present. How buttery is that yellow gold!


This piece was a something of a tear jerking collaboration. A ring for a lost kitty. My client came to me with a tooth that had been removed from her kitty by the vet shortly before her kitty disappeared never to return. We created a design based on my Hearts and Arrows ring of hearts and little paw prints. Instead of setting a stone, I cut off a small piece of the cat's tooth and ground it with a pestle and mortar. I then mixed the tooth due with resin and dye to create a centrepiece for the ring.

I like to text photos of the progression of commissioned works to my clients and this was a photograph I sent of the resin setting up. Unfortunately it's the only photo I have of this very special ring.

A boozy bangle made as a 19th birthday gift for a singular birthday girl. It's made of sterling silver and set with a row of little diamonds. 

This wedding ring was made for an Australian bride who was looking for a simple and elegant design. We worked together over a course of several months to design this lovely wedding ring in yellow gold, rose gold and Akoya pearl. Such a special piece!


This dazzling beauty was a secret collaboration between myself and another local business owner. He owns the business with his fiancé (then girlfriend) and had to be extra sneaky to pay for this ring without her asking any questions. In the end he was a great success! My client and my client's wife to be are very eco conscious so we sourced this stunning half carat estate diamond for her ring. Set in 14K rose gold.