Time Racer

Wow, only a few days left before Christina and I go! It’s hard to believe how quickly it has come upon us. I feel like I am fighting the clock for just a little more time every single day! 

Aside from making LA preparations I have been working away in the studio finishing orders and commissions. One of my commissions involves engraving and I have been enjoying working with my gravers again. I engraved copper for the first time in a while and I have decided that it is my favourite metal to engrave. All metals have a different texture and consistency and copper is a little bit…gummy. It is sort of soft and has give. but is a little bit sticky at the same time. It is hard to explain, but it engraves nicely. I find brass a little bit chalky and brittle and silver is a combination of the two. Anyway, now that I have spent several hours with my gravers again I am keen to create more projects that require engraving. 

I took this photo while I was wearing my Optivisors to work on my engravings yesterday and I thought it was hilarious. Scott said that I look like Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys with my giant eyes! Some pretty nice headgear, I know.

Yesterday morning I went out to Swoon Fine Art Gallery on the Hammonds Plains Road to film a piece with CTV. Brandt graciously hosted us and Maria Panopalis of CTV’s Section Six did a wonderful job! Thanks again to Maria and Brandt.

You can view the blog post Maria made to support the interview here. And you can view the actual interview here but not for long…they only stay up for 24 hours! Get it while it’s hot!