Those Summer Nights

I hate to say this, but fall is in the air. The light has changed, the air smells different, I’ve had to pull out my feather duvet at night and I pull on a sweater in the mornings. I don’t mean to complain. I do love fall, it’s just that summer in Nova Scotia is a precious little gem that I am jealous to let go of. Changes are in the air.

This is a quick snap of some of the jewels I’ll be taking to LA with me in two weeks. I am basically finished making jewelry for that trip. Now I’m focusing on getting my shops in order before I head off. I’ve got a new shop to announce shortly but I want to work out a few details before I divulge. It is pretty exciting though!

I’ve forbidden myself to shop. I’m not really a big shopper, I don’t do it often and I mainly shop in second hand stores - I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Anyway I picked up a vintage  Laura Ashley 80s does 50s dress to take away with me (insert wrist slap here). I simply couldn’t resist.

(Playing the fool in Laura Ashley)

I figure that with its sweetheart neckline and big white polka dots, this dress is my ode to kitsch and belongs with me on my LA foray. My nod to Rockabilly.

In other news, my fox bracelet was just featured on Couture Bay by the lovely Christine.  Be sure to pop by her blog and have a peek!

The Cape Breton Post wrote a short and sweet piece about my LA trip a few days ago. Why not have a looksee.

Last, but not least, a friend tipped me off about Inter-Q which is an LGBT Chamber of Commerce for Atlantic Canada. I think this is a concept definitely worth looking into! You can visit their facebook page for more information.