The Race Is On

I have my first retail show in less than two weeks now. I calculated the time I had left yesterday and nearly keeled over. This one is back home in Sydney at the Big Fiddle. It is a charity show and it will be my first time participating.

(I found this image in a facebook post about the upcoming show made by Jana Bookholt of Swaine Street Woodworking)

About one week following the show in Sydney I will be participating in the first retail show of the xmas season! Already! Can you believe it? I still feel like summer has just finished and here we are rolling on into the xmas season. The show is at the Cunard Centre, down on the waterfront, and consists of juried members of the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council. If you recall, I participated in the NSDCC Summer show back in July. That one was three days outdoors in Victoria Park. This time around will be much more professional and that makes me a little nervous. I am still waiting on a custom display case I had made and I do hope it arrives soon. My mind requires some ease. To make matters worse, when I should be focusing on producing in the studio like there’s no tomorrow I am fooling around with an idea I am obsessed with. I can’t tell you what though. Not until it is perfected. It would be bad luck (I’v mentioned the superstition before, haven’t I?).

I should also mention that I have a new retail outlet for my work. It is an eclectic little boutique called Labour of Love in Toronto and they just started carrying my foxes this very week. If you are living in TO you should definitely stop by and have a look around. I’ve been so busy that I have had to reschedule my trip to Toronto for January (brrrrr). I will definitely be popping around to meet Regina, the owner, then!

In more news I am being featured on the NSCAD website. They are celebrating their 125th year and are featuring some of their alumni to celebrate! Check it out! They will also be featuring my friend Blythe Church of Sewn by Blythe, but I am not sure who else. You will have to keep checking in to find out.

Finally, It’s a Madacap Life featured some charity items on their blog last week and my foxes were there. Take a peek.

Back to work for me!