So Many Directions

(Aquamarine crystals)

I have been enormously busy recently. I am up to my ears in commissions and trying to juggle all the other responsibilities of my business and life. Being self employed has its benefits, for sure, but it certainly requires a tremendous store of energy.

I finished one of my commissions today and promised myself that I could stay out of the studio for the rest of the afternoon, so it has been emails and administration. I am looking at flights to Los Angeles for my sister and I at the moment. Pretty exciting!

Another upcoming trip I have planned is my annual pilgrimage to the Parrsboro Gem and Mineral show. I always enjoy nerding out over raw crystals, fossils, cut stones etc. It is truly a feast for the eyes, not to mention that the drive to Parrsboro and the town itself are fabulously beautiful. I have a real soft spot for the Bay of Fundy, its tides and its red mud. Gets me every time.

Last year my friends were visiting from BC, so after the show we stopped at Lighthouse Park and had a lobster boil on an open wood fire under a picnic shelter in the rain. It was friendly-romantic. Wish we could do it again this year, alas, they are on the other side of the country. I’ll be thinking about them.

PS - I’ve got two magazine pieces coming out in September. A two page spread in a local fashion magazine and a smaller piece in a national trade publication!