Saying 'So Long For Now' to the Island

Well, I’m just back from a camping trip around the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. It was 5 blissful days and nights of scenery, beaches, family and relaxation. I wish I was back there right now soaking up some sun on a sandy beach (fully lathered in SPF 60 of course).

I thought I’d share a few images from my trip with you. I would absolutely LOVE to buy land in Mabou! It is everything I dream about: rolling hills, long sandy beaches, the blue-grey sea, lush greenery, rusty red cliffs with charming houses perched on top. Sigh.

Did you know that there is a major connection between the New York Art scene of the 1960s and Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail? We’ve even managed to retain a few of the renowned NYC Arts Intelligentsia, namely Robert Frank and Philip Glass. Allen Ginsberg was a regular at the Buddhist Monastery, Gampo Abbey, in Pleasant Bay throughout his life and Helen Frankenthaler's work was heavily influenced by the scenery of Cape Breton. She talks about it in the documentary American Art in the 1960s which I recommend if you are interested in the New York Art scene at that time. 

Photo shoot tonight at One Block Barbershop with Michael and Christina! Patti Smith inspired images for the upcoming issue of local fashion magazine Reginald!