Reflecting on Cannes, etc.

 I want to begin this belated post with a shout out: Cape Bretoners are born tough, in my very biased opinion, but none are so tough as my friend Alexis Rudderham and her son Liam. Even when faced with tremendous adversity they show gratefulness, graciousness, humour and absolute resilience. Liam is a young boy but he has shown the courage of ten (wo)men in the face of his recent battle with kidney disease. And another shout out to the staff of the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax and Dr. Lynk in Sydney who Alexis credits with saving Liam’s life. Be certain to think of the IWK if you find yourself with extra money floating in your pockets.


(A little flick of Liam I stole from Alexis’ facebook so you can see the kind of cutie I’m talking about)


I’m back in lush, steamy Halifax. It is a little shocking what two weeks in spring can do to an Atlantic city. The trees are crowned with green and the lilacs are scenting the air with their heady sweetness. Let me just say that after encountering endless hordes of couture draped Barbies mincing along La Croisette in Cannes and after the dizzying glamour of Paris it is refreshing to be home in my city with backbone where we’re a little rough around the edges but real enough to know that true beauty lies in our flaws. I also want to say: Halifax, we’ve got style: imaginative, undiluted, unconventional, sometimes outrageous, always unapologetic style. Let’s not ever water it down, okay.

Now, I wouldn’t be foolish enough to think that everyone in Cannes was totally superficial, only about 90% is my estimate. That definitely excludes all of the hard working people of the DPA Gift Lounge. I met some truly wonderful individuals while working at the Intercontinental Carlton Hotel and I am happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to do so. Over the next number of days I am going to take the time to outline some of the highlights from my time in Cannes, share some photos and tell some anecdotes…stay tuned…


                   (Me in front of my home away from home while in Cannes)


                              (We shared a floor with some real Hollywood Brass)