Procrastination and Gifts

Well, the Crafters Market is over for another season and there is less than a week to go before I take the leap. I’m still in pretty good shape but I am definitely procrastinating. After so much intense studio time and two full days standing my body is crying for mercy. It’s begging me not to sit at my bench, but I must and I will - just as soon as I finish this post…

I have all of my gifts ready for Cannes and I have been working on getting the word out to the celebrities I have special interest in. I tweeted to Charlotte Gainsbourg, I wrote on George Clooney and Wes Anderson’s facebook walls and I have emailed Wes Anderson’s publicist three times already. Persistence is not my strong point but I will tone that muscle this week.

Have a look at my spread of gifts. Pretty decent, I think - eclectic.


Don’t mind the mess around my dining table. My dining room has, unfortunately, also become my office so it is now stocked with hideous things like filing cabinets and packing supplies. I’ll deal with it all when I finally have a moment to catch my breath: Early July.

Back to the studio for me.