Post Shows and Still Breathing

It has been very hectic around here for the past number of weeks. I was completely out of stock so I had to start from scratch again and work furiously in the studio to produce work for the two shows I just attended. Attending a show as a vendor is a lengthy and time consuming affair in terms of the seemingly endless preparations. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for those who are actually planning the event! Phew. So this is a big thank you to GA Jank for his wonderfully relaxing show as well as Susan, Julie, Andrea, Kristina and Scott for making the beautiful NSDCC event in Victoria Park happen again this year. They are some hard working folk!

I was interviewed the first morning by CBC about an hour before the event opened. Every morning when I opened my tent I felt like I was camping. The smell of the canvas, the damp of the relatively early mornings and the coffee outdoors in travel mugs must have been responsible for that feeling. I was lucky to have a marvelous booth mate, Jennifer Marlow. Jennifer is a very talented wood carver who specializes in nautical carvings. I was so happy to be next to Jennifer, although we didn’t know each other before this event I am thrilled to know her now.

Yesterday was supposed to have been my day off. In true form I worked all day. I find it’s hard to break the habit once your in it! It was a different kind of work though and much of it was spent in the sun-shiny backyard doing a photo shoot with my sister. I am looking forward to seeing the results!

I have decided to sign on for DPA’s pre-Emmy Gift Suite which means that I am going to LA this September! It felt so strange to even have this decision to make. I have asked Christina to come with me and I really hope she does. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh - and it makes me happy to know that Halifax will be representing at the Emmys: Local director Andrea Dorfman has been nominated for one (keep your fingers crossed for her too)!