Planning and Playing

So I JUST bought myself a Metalsmith App for my iPhone. I’m really digging it and I think I may start to drive people crazy soon. I can convert measurements, calculate ring sizes, calculate alloying quantities and read about the properties of metals and precious stones, etc. all with a flick of my finger. I’m pretty excited. I haven’t tried it out in the studio yet but, believe me, I will. 


I’ve been thinking about and working a lot toward preparing for my California Trunk Shows in the fall. The research has been fun and inspiring. Another fun and inspiring bit of news is that I have signed up for a Society of North American Goldsmiths business symposium via Forging Entrepreneurs happening while I am in San Francisco. I’m pretty excited since the speakers they have lined up span the industry and I can’t wait to glean all of the insights, not to mention take some serious notes. 

Finally, I thought I would send a little shout out to folks in Toronto since there is a fund raiser happening there this Thursday that truly supports a good cause. Let’s Talk Science Sandy Lake is a summer outreach program that strives to expand the minds and ignite the curiosity of youth, particularly Aboriginal Youth in Sandy Lake, Onatrio. If you’re in the area, go check it out. You never know, you may be lucky enough to leave with an Angela Grace Arrowhead pendant!

I lifted this from :

All money collected at from ticket sales and silent auction will go to Let’s Talk Science Sandy Lake! 2013 Summer Camp! For more information on the project and its partners, see the following links:
PR from previous years:

Monetary donations to the Let’s Talk Science Sandy Lake! Science Camp can be made at the following link:
*Please select “Rural, Remote and Aboriginal Outreach” for Fund/Designation and write “Let’s Talk Science Sandy Lake! Aboriginal Outreach Program” in the Message/Instructions for Let’s Talk Science*

PS - Mr. Golden Sun, please come back and shine on us again soon…