Pearly Gates

Previously, I mentioned that I would be making some jewelry out of Nova Scotian Scallop pearls. Well Craig Fancy chose some for me and I just picked them up from the post office today. They are lovely and I am dying to get to work with them.


I am so energized by all of the projects that I have in the works right now that I am having trouble just focusing on one at a time. I want to work on all of them. At once. Right now.

I bought myself a baseball bat today. A really nice looking Louisville Slugger that I am planning to use as a bracelet mandrel.


                                     (My new baseball bat bracelet mandrel)

When I walked in the door with this bat, Scott immediately started to admire it and hit some imaginary home runs. When I told him that I was going to cut the handle off before using it as a bracelet mandrel his face fell so low that I promised to keep the handle attached so he can use it sometimes. I do understand, it is a pretty danged good looking bat.

On another note, it was kind of funny to walk down the street with this bat in one hand and a baguette in the other. I was getting some strange looks!

To work.