No Rest for the Wicked

Yes, it’s true. It is a holiday but there is simply no rest for the wicked…okay, I am exaggerating a little because I took most of the weekend off. In any case today is a work day for me. It’s a tough one too because the sun is filtering down through the trees in a most enticing manner. I’ll bet it’s nice in the Valley today. Sigh. A good day for picking apples. 

Lately I feel like I can’t really find the time to be as creative as I would like to be in many aspects of my life - from the studio to the kitchen. I can admit that my diet has been kind of poor as of late, with fresh fruit taking a back seat to cookies. I may have even eaten cookies a few times in place of lunch recently. I am so ashamed. I suppose it is just a sign that I will have to change my ways and make space in my day for more creative and culinary exploration! Tonight I will eat salmon (I don’t really like salmon, so this is my idea of punishment).

Ok, let me change the subject now and show you some images from Day 2 of the gift suite I participated in while visiting Los Angeles. As a side note I will mention that a few people have asked me if the Hotel that hosted the Gift Suite was the same one that was used in Pretty Woman. Nope! We were in the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive and it was the Beverly Wilshire, presumably on Wilshire Boulevard in Pretty Woman!

Me with Marissa Quinn from Breaking Dawn Part II. She was so pleased with her arrowhead pendant that she thoughtfully tweeted a photo of herself wearing it out to her followers!

The beautiful Brenda Strong makes me look like a real shrimp. She was nominated for an Emmy in the category of Best Voice Over Performance for her role as Mary-Alice Young on Desperate Housewives.

Adina Porter from Newsroom loved her Joan of Arc ring with yellow jade!

Happy Thanksgiving!