My Clients

I have to say, I have pretty great clients. Some people seem to connect with my jewelry in a unique way and one of the best parts of my job is when my clients bring me their stories. I often receive thank you letters (via snail mail no less), great emails, and photos of my clients proudly wearing their new Angela Grace Jewelry pieces.

Sometimes I even get tangible photographs of me at my booth at a show taken by a client. Barb Peart stopped by my studio with a friend this summer and she gave me a photo of me in my booth at the Avondale Art Fair and she gave me the gem you can see above. That’s Barb in 1972 when she was pregnant with her daughter. That little fox was a regular visitor of Barb’s throughout her pregnancy and as you can see, became pretty tame as a result of frequent visits. I just love this photo!

Foxes still visit Barb on her property at the Head of St. Margaret’s Bay. The Chronicle Herald even did an article about it back in June. I should also mention that Barb is a painter. 

Here’s another photo I received just this morning from Jane down the Valley way. He daughter just finished up a two year course and was rewarded by Jane with a bronze fox with amethyst eyes. According to Mom, she’s pretty happy!

Congratulations on completing your course Kate!