Monday After Montreal and DVF's Library

(Nick Cave, the handsome devil, on stage at Metropolis in Montreal)

I’m freshly back from Montreal after a whirlwind visit with my sister, Elizabeth. We wandered, ate, drank wine in the afternoon, rode the metro like mad, shopped and took in a Nick Cave concert as well as a student protest directly outside our hotel door. It was an action packed visit to say the least. I even managed to squeeze in a business meeting with a ‘by appointment only’ boutique quietly nestled on Laurier in Outremont. My brain is packed with images, sounds and general inspiration, but there is always room for a little more.

(Montreal Police march on protesters to separate and surround them, photo from

Sometimes I like to flip through fashion magazines to soak up all of the eye candy. I feel like it is an underrated part of my job that I often neglect. It’s a shame too, because every time I flip through a few high fashion magazines I always come away brimming with ideas for displays, fashion shoots and jewelry pieces. I like to borrow these magazines from the library because I don’t like to have too much “stuff” lying around - and I am one of those mythical beasts who still loves and frequents the library!

(DVF’s library!

In a  back issue of InStyle I read an article about Diane Von Furstenberg. She’s a designer I admire and the piece mentions that she “has archived every inspiration board, collection, advertising campaign and pieces of press” (December 2012, p.461). These she’s had bound in jewel toned volumes that grace her extensive library.

The idea really struck me - as simple and obvious as it may seem. To me, it feels like a an elegant way to organize your visions so you can go back and draw from your own acumen. I like it, and it looks a heck of a lot better than the rag-tag assortment of journals and sketchbooks I’ve got shoved in drawers at the moment. I think I’d like to adopt a similar system (and also grow a really big library)!

PS - I found this cheeky blog post while searching for pictures of DVF’s library.