Meeting the Press

My apologies for the long delay. I have been tremendously under the weather with a nasty cold I picked up in France. I’m in recovery mode now, though, and I am off the couch (though, I may lay down again directly after this).

One of the real highlights of being at the Cannes Film Festival for me was the opportunity to speak with international press. The first number of days in the gift suite were spent talking to the many bloggers, journalist/writers and television personalities who visited us to check out our wares. Personally, I had a pretty good experience with the press and I met some very interesting people from around the world, plus I was able to spread the word about Angela Grace Jewelry in a way that would not have been accessible for me outside of Cannes. 


                      (Here I am speaking with Rabea from

Speaking with the people From German FreshmilkNetTV was a truly enjoyable experience. The presenter, Rabea, was tuned in and lovely and I particularly like talking to Marieke Zwilling who told me that she has thought about taking up jewelry on many occasions. I hope she gives it a try sometime. 


           (Here’s Rabea wearing Angels and Demons at Play on the Red Carpet!)

I met a German fashion blogger called Leonie who was very friendly and a pleasure to talk to. Arianna Pietrostefani from Vogue Italy was wonderful to speak with as well, we have been in touch via email since Cannes and she has told me she would like to write about me in the future. Keep your fingers crossed. It would be so exciting to find my work on the pages of Italian Vogue.

French television, Paris Premiere, featured my work in their video Cannes I Come and their presenter was lively and friendly.


                                   (Still from Paris Premiere’s Cannes I Come)


                   (Still of the Paris Premiere presenter wearing a bronze fox ring)

My bronze fox earrings appeared live on the red carpet in a BFMTV (French Televison) spot after I had left Cannes and moved on to Paris. 


         (A shot of a TV screen featuring my fox earrings live on the red carpet.)

All in all a very good experience for me, and I discovered something about myself: I don’t care for being photographed, but I really don’t mind giving interviews!

You can view the full video from here. I’d also like to mention the sweet little article The Coast did about my trip a few weeks back. I saw it when I returned and I thought it was nicely done. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it yet.

Moral of this story - Be nice to the press and they’ll be nice to you!