Long Time No See

Ohhhhh my. It has been a while. As I recently told a friend I have been lost inside the retail show bubble and just emerged to breathe a sigh of relief before diving back in for round two! And by round two I mean the Halifax Crafters Society’s annual Christmas Crafters Market! Just over a week away!

I know it’s a little late, but I thought I’d post a few images from the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council Market that I took part in over the weekend. It was a very nice, smoothly run weekend with brilliant sunshine filtering in through the giant windows at the Cunard Centre overlooking the harbour! Pair that with seeing old friends, making new friends, looking at beautiful handmade goods and sampling wines and you’ve got a fabulous weekend! Have a look!

Me in my booth on day 1

A few arrowhead pieces on my table

Brilliant early morning eastern light in our corner of the universe

I was lucky enough to be next door to Turbine

Lisa Drader-Murphy entertaining a group of ladies before heading off for a working weekend with Jeanne Becker (!)

Woodcarver Jennifer Marlow and her enrapt audience