Long Shadows

The fall is officially here - there is no denying it. The shadows are long and black, it’s chilly in the morning and chilly at night. I love the autumn; sweater weather and bringing out the duvet again, apple picking and the harvest, but this year I feel like it caught me off guard. I was blind sided by fall. I blame it on the West Coast.

One of the things I love about my job is that many people who buy my jewelry are often so happy with their purchase they will send me hand written thank you notes, emails or photographs of them proudly wearing their new jewelry. Recently artist and illustrator Sarah Burwash sent me this great photo (taken by Andre Legault) of her sporting her fox ring. Sarah was one of the first people to buy a fox ring from me when I started my business back in December. Maybe you saw Sarah’s work when it was featured on Design Sponge? She is enormously talented. Have a look! (This photo definitely has an autumn feel)

While I was in the Pre-Emmys Gift Suite in LA, I met the actress Marisa Quinn. We got to talking and I gave her one of my bronze arrowhead pendants. She was so happy with it that she tweeted about it afterwards and posted a picture of her wearing her new pendant on Instagram. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that people appreciate your work.

Speaking of LA, Christina posted some images from our trip on her blog. It’s nice to be able to see images of our adventure from her point of view! Be sure to visit her tumblr page for a peek at her work. There are two sets of images from our visit to the West Coast.

PS - I was tooling around the internet and came across a couple of blog posts featuring Angela Grace Jewelry. Scoutie Girl talks about philanthropy in the world of arts and craft, Preppy Chic features fox theme accessories from across the web, Modern Kiddo reflects on the Fantastic Mr. Fox, and My Bifold Closet Doors looks into Gifting Suits!