How do you like them apples?

This has been a whirlwind of a weekend.

Following a brief visit from my littlest sister, we attended a wedding on Saturday. It was the wedding of some old friends, Matt and Jenny, who now live in BC and it brought out some characters we hadn’t seen in years. I for one almost keeled over when confronted with the presence of our friend Jacques who lives in Vancouver now and whom we haven’t seen in two years! It was pretty fantastic.

Yesterday was the Gem and Mineral show in Parrsboro and boy was it a full day. Our friend Krista and her dog Gomer joined Scott, Olive and I for the trip. It was really funny having two dogs in our small car at the same time. 

As you can see Gomer found a comfortable place to wedge himself. 

The Gem Show was smaller this year than it was in other years, but I was still pretty happy with my purchases. I also made a nice connection. I already have two gem dealers who I deal with for cut stones. Now I have one for extraordinary fossils and minerals too! 

I attended the show with a specific purpose. I wanted tourmalinated quartz. As you can see I found some large cut pieces as well as a piece of rutilated quartz with red rutile needles rather than gold! That was the first stone I purchased, as soon as I walked through the doors, because it blew my mind. 

I also picked up some natural cubes of pyrite from Spain and a fossilized shark’s tooth from the Netherlands. 

On our way back to Halifax we picked apples from the profusion of apple trees that were growing along the side of the road. We also stopped at White Rabbit, an artist residency event with outdoor art installations and camping in Economy. There was even a sauna in the woods.

I ran into Gary Markle there. Gary is a wonderful artist and fashion designer, he taught me my first studio course in art college and he is always a treat to see. I wanted to show him my new gem purchases so I whipped them out and ended up giving a funny little impromptu talk about the gems while they got passed around for everyone to have a look at!

A very full weekend indeed.

PS - Christina and I purchased our plane tickets to LA!!

PPS - PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) featured my fox rings on their list of the 15 Must Have Jewelry Pieces for Animal Lovers!