Google Confession

I’m feeling pretty tired today. I’m sure the slushiness outside doesn’t help, but I think it is mainly due to the frenzy of getting my work, Ancient Wounds, ready for Swoon. It’s there now, and I am feeling good about it, but also in need of a nap. In any case, today I decided that I would take it easy so I have been knocking around online. Have you ever googled yourself? I’ll admit, I do it from time to time. This time it was a fruitful journey and I found a few interesting tidbits out there in Cyberspace. 

I don’t know if you are familiar with The Carrotbox, but it is a Canadian blog dedicated solely to ring. I have spent far too many hours scrolling through countless incredible, awe-inspiring and visionary rings. I have always hoped that my work would slip in there somehow. Well…it it did. Way back in November. Have a look! (Use caution on The Carrotbox, it is highly addictive!)

Here are a few more blog posts featuring Angela Grace Jewelry I found floating around the internet:

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PS - I definitely recommend googling yourself. You never know what you might find.