Give me Oxygen

I am currently at a standstill. The regulator on my oxygen valve is completely locked up. I can’t budge it at all. It went from being hand tight to being completely seized up and it is driving me a little crazy because I NEED TO WORK. I did what I could in the studio - some sawing, filing and stone setting but being unable to solder is troubling indeed.


                                                            (damn you)

Luckily I phoned Bob at Craftsman Art Supplies and since he sold me the regulator he is going to replace it for me. Thankfully I will be back in business tomorrow.

On another note. I live in Halifax, as I am sure most of you know, and as a city we have been unable to breathe for the past two days and will be for many days to come. We have suffered a tragic loss. Raymond Taavel - Community figure, role model, prominent gay activist and much more was taken early in a grim murder in our beloved North End. The city is draped in rainbows mourning our loss. I can’t say that I knew Mr. Taavel but I believe in what he stood for - equality, love, compassion, dignity for all peoples - and as most others in this city and beyond I am saddened and outraged by the events that led up to his death. But anger isn’t productive unless it leads to something constructive. Tanya Davis said it best in the poem she wrote for Raymond and for us.