Fool's Gold

(Crystal Crescent Beach, Nova Scotia)

It was a beautiful weekend here in Nova Scotia. On Saturday we took Olive Oyl to Crystal Crescent Beach so she could run in the sand and play in the Atlantic. She loves the beach so much; all you have to do is say “beach” and her giant cattle dog ears perk up and she looks at you excitedly with her silly tail wagging a mile a minute. That being said she is a little afraid of the waves, but she is getting braver.

When we arrived at the beach, something shiny caught my eye among the gravel in the parking lot! A tiny cube of pyrite! Then I found another. Two teensy pieces of fool’s gold to brighten my day! I’m thinking that this summer I would really like to pan for some real gold. My dad has gold pans and there is an old gold mine in the Cape Breton Highlands. I would definitely love to give it a whirl!

(Two little pyrite nuggets)

PS - have you ever visited the website Brain Pickings? I receive their weekly newsletter just filled with inspired and thoughtful essays about art, literature, love, science, design, family, etc. and I always look forward to it. Have a look around their website, but be prepared to spend a lot of time cruising their action packed articles! I was particularly touched by a piece about Ernest Hemmingway and his cats…