Feeling Foxy

This sunny week has begun rife with foxes. Since the press I have been receiving about my upcoming trip to Cannes, people have been emailing me left, right and centre about the foxes. I’m not really sure why I am constantly dumbfounded by the reaction I get from these rings, but I am.

                                     (candid fox shot by Christina Arsenault)

I spent yesterday and a good chunk of Sunday tucked away in my studio with my foxes and my pyramids. The trouble is that I keep getting new ideas and these distract me from my original intent when sitting at my bench. The latest: Labradorite.

I am reading from my Firefly Guide to Gems:

An Inuit legend has it that the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in some rocks on the Canadian coast, until a brave warrior freed most of them with a blow from his spear. Those that remained in the rock are the cause of the special iridescence of labradorite…

Now that is a legend. I enjoy a good legend. I bought some beautiful pieces of labradorite in Parrsboro last summer - all purple, chartreuse and turquoise shimmer - and I think I may put some to good use in the very near future.

                                           (Labradorite image from Junior Geo)

Now to focus…