I’m going to admit something here. I am bribing myself to make a post with a bowl of ice cream. This has been a day of work and play and I just feel like being lazy now. But…the ice cream is doing the trick. It was a good bribe and I just couldn’t pass it up.

(This one is peanut butter chocolate chip, mine’s mango, but you get the picture!)

I have been thinking a lot about LA and I have another confession to make: I have never cared to visit LA. It simply hasn’t been on my list of places to see. Now that I know I am going, though, I am beginning to get excited. This is a good thing. I didn’t have the opportunity to be excited about Cannes. I mean, I was excited deep down I’m sure, but I was just so busy that I couldn’t experience my excitement.

(Los Angeles)

This time around it’s different. Christina is going to come with me and I’m not as overwhelmed by the idea of taking part in a pre-Emmy Talent Lounge. Plus I know I have enough time to prepare myself.

(Okay. I’ll make another confession: I have been listening to the song Angeles by Elliott Smith fairly frequently.)

I’ve been looking at accommodations and it has been piquing my interest in LA. The kitsch seems ever present and over-the-top. I now believe that visiting Los Angeles will be a kind of strange cultural experience. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to make it to Venice Beach. Did you know that Andy Warhol showed his Pop Art for the first time in Venice Beach? The Galleries on the East Coast wouldn’t show it.

PS - Have I mentioned that I love David Hockney?