Cannes Adventure: Soko

Soko in "Augustine" which opened in Cannes this year to great acclaim. Image from

(This is Soko in Augustine which opened at Cannes this year to great acclaim. Photo via

Soko is a well known French actress and musician. I had heard that she would be coming to the gift suite in Cannes, but I didn’t know what she looked like. When she entered the room in her far-out ensemble I immediately knew it was her. I took in the layered raw crystal necklaces around her neck and knew we would hit it off.

Soko was, at first, torn between fox earrings and my raw citrine pendant. In the end she went with her gut and took the citrine, plus she said she needed some luck and citrine brings good luck - yup, we bonded over superstition. (Have I mentioned that I am superstitious?)

I really enjoyed talking with Soko. I liked her friend too, especially when she compared my work favourably to Pamela Love (I was tickled so I slipped her a pair of black stud earrings.) Soko wore my citrine pendant away, and must not have taken it off. Later I found an interview with her on Paris Say Who? and she was still wearing it.


Check out this sweet song by Soko with an even sweeter video she co-directed in Nevada:

First Love Never Die