Cannes Adventure: AGJ and Tessa Norvind

Tessa Norvind is a young actress from Mexico City. She starred in the film After Lucia which opened to critical acclaim in Cannes. She came into the gift suite with her mother and sister wearing an incredible pair of black and white patent leather saddle shoes. I was smitten and told her so. Tessa has really tiny hands and fit perfectly into my arrowhead ring. She loved it so I gave it to her and she wore it away.

I have made another Arrowhead Ring, in fact two, because I am quite fond of them. These are connected to Oxfam on my Etsy through a program called Madcap Charity. I have been wanting to connect my business to a charity for a while and I think this is a good start. 

Speaking of charity, has anyone been following the Turbine India Project? Lisa is very connected with several charities and is currently focusing on sending young women in India to University. She is giving a presentation on July 26th at the Halifax Club. You can follow her on facebook for more updates.

Speaking of fashion, does anyone follow Fashion East? It seems to me that the city is abuzz with it. I look forward to getting their daily updates and seeing what our charming city has to offer sartorially. We are an eclectic bunch! Follow them if you don’t already. You won’t be sorry!