Cannes Adventure: AGJ and Caleb Landry Jones

I just received my CD of photos from Cannes in the mail! It’s so interesting to look back at the photos a few weeks later. Some people I remember very clearly and when looking at others I draw a complete blank…maybe someone can help me fill in the blanks.

One person I find very memorable is Caleb Landry Jones. He is a young actor who starred in Antiviral, the first feature film by Brandon Cronenberg - the son of David Cronenberg.


 (Awkward photo of Caleb Landry Jones and I in Cannes. He was very proud of his little Canadian flag pin)

This young man was a little shy and unsure of himself. He was sweet, though, cracking awkward jokes with everybody. I didn’t really have any jewelry for men (except for Wes Anderson’s cuff links, but I wasn’t giving those away). I was wearing my arrowhead pendant that day, so I took it off and gave it to him. He immediately put it on and pretended to stab himself with it - turns out he didn’t take it off the whole time he was in Cannes. In all of the photos of him I have seen I can see the chain from my pendant tucked under his shirt!


(So cute - photo from the Antiviral photocall in Cannes

A few days after I gave my pendant to this handsome young fellow, Adrien Brody came into the suite with two agents. Agent #1 said “Hey! This is the girl who gave Caleb that awesome pendant. He keeps pretending to stab himself with it!”

I was amused.