California Dreamin

Well, the countdown is on now and preparations are in full swing for LA. Christina and I have been talking about the cantinas and noodle joints we are going to haunt while on the West Coast. I was thinking I might add Chop Suey Houses for good measure. The street food has got me excited. Maybe it’s my nostalgia for roughing it south of the border, or maybe it’s my penchant for Chinatowns. It is hard to say but I think the way we eat will be in stark contrast to the way we stay.

I booked a luxury hotel in downtown LA for Christina and I! The Millennium Biltmore Hotel was built in 1923 and is lavishly beautiful. I was originally looking at all kinds of kitschy motor inns and small hotels that scream Americana. Then I saw the Biltmore. I have never stayed in such decadent style before! I think Christina and I will find some serious photo-opps in this hotel. I see chintzy gowns in our future!

PS - Check out the photos Christina and I did with my Australian Cattle Dog, Olive Oyl! I’ve been seeing them pop up on tumblr a whole bunch recently!