Brilliant Fall

Yesterday was a brilliant fall day. The day before too. It has been downright balmy here and believe me, I am not complaining. I rode my bike downtown to do some errands and to pop in to see my special lady friend at the Seeds Gallery. It was all I could do not to stop into Garrison Brewing for an icy cold lavender beer. Oh I really wanted to! Instead I biked home and avoided our numerous hills by walking my bike up Spring Garden and through the Public Gardens. The Gardens still look and feel stunning. The dahlias are in full swing, the colours are magnificent and are only enhanced by the yellowed and falling leaves. Take it all in while you still can! It’s hard to believe that Nocturne is right around the corner.

On another note, I received my CD of images from the DPA Gift Suite I participated in while in LA. I thought I would take a minute to post a couple of the highlights from Day One. Please peruse at your leisure. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the lovely Mayim Bialik with her brand new fox ring! Her other hand was in a brace because she was in a car accident. 

Myself and the flamboyant and kind Sandra Vidal from the Bold and the Beautiful. She was loving my foxes so I gave her a red fox with eyes!

Camille Winbush from The Secret Life of the American Teenager was totally feeling the double finger arrowhead ring. It looks great on her!

Dot-Marie Jones of Glee told me stories about her Cherokee heritage and was well pleased by her Arrowhead Pendant!

That’s all for now!