Bling and Bike

On Sunday afternoon, my sister and I did a photo shoot at her place. We did studio shots first and then we took it to the streets and she did an editorial style shoot with me, my jewels, and her little Graziella. Yesterday she posted this set of the photos on Fashion East.


We both agree that we love the blues in these photos. I think I need to find a hand model, though, rather than use my gnarly hands. My sister has beautiful hands, too bad she has to hold the camera.

Here are a few of the studio shots:




And a few more editorial shots with the bike.



We are going to use some of these to make signage for my booth at the upcoming Halifax Crafters Market as well as the one in Cannes. Not sure which one yet. We are also going to do another photo shoot this weekend - this time inspired by the relationship between Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith!