Ancient Wounds

(Ancient Wounds- bronze, sterling silver, citrine: photo by Christina Arsenault)

I have been hard at work on a new series. It’s called Ancient Wounds and in it I am exploring the imagined accoutrements of going to battle in an internal sense - the concept of warriors, armour and adorning the spoils of war as a talisman are on my mind while I make these jewelry pieces. 

This Saturday afternoon my new work will be opening in a show at Swoon Fine Art Gallery on the Hammonds Plains Road. Ancient Wounds will be opening alongside a group show titled Winterscene and the new work of Margarita Fainshtein. There will be plenty to see and it’s a great excuse to visit Swoon if you have never been!

Ok, now I have to get back to my bench…still plenty to do. Hope to see you this weekend!

(Ancient Wounds - Sterling silver, carnelian: Photo by Christina Arsenault)