A Spring Move

Okay, I’m pushing it a little. It’s not yet spring, but I’m hopeful. Not that we really get a spring here in NS. Just the melting of the snow into salty, stinky mud. That is one thing I miss about the West Coast: Spring in all it’s cherry blossomed glory!

So, I’m moving my studio out of my home. For some reason it has been bothering me a little - I feel like I’m losing something, which I know is foolish. I am undoubtedly gaining more since this is a shared space which means companionship, guidance, brainstorming and all of the other good things that come along with sharing a space with other artists. This space is also on the port which will be fantastic in the summertime. It has an excellent proximity to downtown, the Farmer’s Market, the Trident (my favourite coffee bar), and adjoins Garrison brewing - another personal favourite (Nut Brown is the tastiest in my opinion), finally my good pal manages the Seeds Gallery which is attached to the annex my studio is in. All great things.

I think this uneasiness must have something to do with stepping outside my comfort zone. In any case, it is happening today! Out of the frying pan and into the fire…

(Companionable chaos of antlers, swordfish swords, bones and yes that is a fish tank!)

(My little piece of the action. Joni Mitchell watches me from above)

PS - Here’s the article about the current shows (on until Saturday) at Swoon from the Sunday Herald. A big thank you to Elissa Barnard for her thoughtful review of my work.