A Seriously Salty Experience

Oh I have been counting down the days before I go home to Ingonish! (Just one sleep left). There is going to be a big family wedding and I really cannot wait to see everyone. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my big boisterous family before, but each and every time we gather it’s a frenzy of food, insults, laughs, beach fires, ocean swims and just general fun. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Caitlyn Purcell’s shop, Salty Rose’s Local Art & Craft again. I haven’t seen it in over a year and I know it has undergone some transformations to become even more beautiful since I last set eyes on it - and Caitlyn too! You can see for yourself in this fantastic video tour put together by Levon Drover.

If you happen to be in the highlands, don’t miss our event on July 15th! You can read all about it in the Cape Breton Post! You can also read all about my “trunk show tour” in the fantastic article Dave Mahalik wrote for Sydney’s  What’s Goin On!

PS - We had a fantastic event at J&R Grimsmo on Friday night. Many thanks to Jessy and Rachael for being such wonderful hostesses!

PPS - Christina and I had a fruitful shoot last Wednesday with the assistance of the beautiful Melodie Hueber on makeup and jokes. Check out this sweet behind the scenes photo Melodie snapped! (That water was soooooo cold!)

(Images coming soon!)