A Pearl and a Gem

This morning I had (what I think is) a brilliant idea. I’d like to make a really showy piece of jewelry to take to Cannes out of Nova Scotian Pearls. A while back I contacted Craig Fancy of Fancy Jewellers to source some Nova Scotian pearls for my gem dealing friend on the West Coast. I found Craig to be very helpful, knowledgeable and down to earth - so when I had this stroke of brilliance this morning I didn’t hesitate to call him. He was the first person to start using Nova Scotian pearls in jewelry and his work is lovely; I definitely would not want to try and claim the idea as my own. I simply think it would be a nice gesture to take a little piece of Nova Scotia with me to Cannes. Anyway, Craig agreed to help me out so I am looking forward to receiving a bundle of beautiful Nova Scotian scallop pearls from him next week!


(Atlantic scallop pearls from www.pearl-guide.com)

On another note What’s Goin On, Cape Breton’s underground newspaper, published an article about me just today! Have a little looksee.