A Few For Fun

Here are a final few images from the Pre-Emmys gift lounge, just for fun!

This is Cassandra Church from (the new) 90210. She really wanted to arrange to purchase that ring, but it is a piece that I am not willing to part with (I’ve got a number of such pieces)!

Here’s Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives! She was engaged and gracious.

Christina met Scott Adsit from 30 Rock while I was off socializing! Those geode knuckles drew in every person who walked by and everyone naturally struck the same pose while wearing them.

Richard Lewis from Curb Your Enthusiasm was one of my favourite people to meet. He told me he’d take a photo with me “any day of the week” and proceeded to explain to me why he was dressed like a lumberjack (because he’s from New York). While walking into the room adjacent to my booth he shouted out “Congratulations on everything you’ve ever done!” Quite the character.

I hope this brilliant Friday is a precursor to the weekend and week to come!

PS - Does everyone know that tomorrow is the first birthday for J&R Grimsmo? Their fantastic boutique has an excellent selection of Angela Grace Jewelry in stock (and I am currently working on another order for them). I’m looking forward to attending their birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Be sure to stop into their shop on Barrington Street and wish them a Happy Birthday!