End of Term

We've successfully wrapped up another term of Remarkable Rings with some beautiful projects from my students. It's impressive how quickly they have learned new skills and implemented already learned ones to create some pretty stunning rings.

Some of the techniques we learned this term were: cuttlebone casting, bezel constructing, shaping and forming metal, stone setting as well as polishing and texturing the surface of the metal. There was some troubleshooting and some pretty inventive tools made to help complete these beauties within the allotted timeframe.

Very proud of my students, but very sad to see the end of another term. 

I thought I'd share a few photos from the last class of the season.

I made this magnificent stone setting tool out of a nail that was hanging around the studio. The opal Lara was setting was relatively small and in a pretty confined space. This little tool worked like a charm, though.

Lara using her new stone setting tool held in a pin vice to set the opal in her ring. 

Kyle's ring consists of a cuttlebone cast ring shank affixed to a bezel base and held in place by ball tipped prongs.

From left to right, clockwise: Lara, Colleen, and Kyle - proud owners of new rings made by their own hands!