Procrastinators Unite!

Okay, okay, I've been a giant procrastinator lately. I can admit that. I have been meaning to follow up my post about Renegade since I made it and every single day I found a reason to procrastinate. Sigh - that's just the way it goes sometimes. 

There have been many exciting developments since I last wrote:

  • My work was in Flare Magazine, then I was contacted by another magazine.
  • My brother is visiting at the end of this week with Anna which means family fun times in the Highlands.
  • Visited family and participated in a jewelry show with some great jewellers out of Montreal and Germany/Cape Breton at Salty Rose's Local Crafts in Ingonish
  • I attended Diner en Blanc, the Halifax edition.
  • My new ring titled "Bird of Paradise" was one of 19 pieces accepted for the Peace Works exhibition opening at the Mary E. Black Gallery on September 25th,
  • I'll be participating in the Etsy Made in Canada show at the Halifax Forum on September 27th.
  • I've been designing a new collection and conducting meeting about photography and make up for an upcoming look book shoot!
  • Last but not least, I've been renovating my spare room for studio space! I'm keeping my Port Studio space too, but I will only be there on a part time basis.  

Phew - all of that followed the trip to California for Renegade, which was really fantastic. I had a great time at Renegade; expanded my West Coast clientele and made new friends from Brooklyn and Portland. I also visited with Michelle of Kiriki Press, who I met at the Toronto One of a Kind Show, and her partner James. We had some wine, some laughs and some dinner together in San Francisco and it was truly a delight to spend some time with them. 

Of course, I had to make some time for wine country while in Northern California, and we took a day to drive through Sonoma and Napa again, visiting some of our favourite wineries (Ramsgate!) along the way. Stephen and Anna have been scouting spots for their wedding in wine country so they showed us some of their prospective locations. I also took some time to visit Velvet Da Vinci for their magnificent exhibition of new work by some outstanding Jewellers from Chile. I visited the De Young museum for their Modernism exhibition but I was infinitely more taken by their Art of the Americas exhibit and their collection of American Decorative Art - it was exciting to see a Nick Cave (not that Nick Cave) piece up close and personal. 

I really believe that I can't travel all the way across the continent, from Nova Scotia to California, and not visit LA, so of course, Elizabeth and I flew down to LA so I could stop into Co-op 28 and see Marci and to enjoy the city for a week. We took in a magical night of opera at the Hollywood Bowl, ran into the Los Angeles Renegade Show while we were downtown, "hiked" the trail through Griffith Park up to the Observatory, spent a night in Venice where we walked the pier and biked the beach, ate some delicious food at the Silverlake Farmers Market, visited some science museums (because we're nerds) and took in a Dodgers game. Never a dull moment when the Arsenaults travel. 

I thought I'd share a few photos with you from my summer so far!