Lapidary Demo on the Last Day of Class

Last week we finished up Remarkable Rings for the season and it won't be back on until the fall. The final class is always bittersweet - freeing up a bit of time is a mercy but I love teaching my class and my students are always fascinating people who bring their particular perspectives and life experiences with them into their ring designs - this makes teaching the class endlessly interesting.

For the final class I arranged for us to view a demonstration of cabochon cutting by a very gifted lapidary who is currently sharing my studio space. Hans Durstling "has studied stone cutting in Germany; has written widely on stone and gem topics; is the originator of the Discovery Channel series, “Stones of Fate and Fortune” has demonstrated at the Tucson Mineral and Gem Show - the largest such event in the world, and has given presentations on the fascinating world of precious stone and related topics to schools and museums, clubs and associations from Germany to California." (lifted from

Needless to say we were feeling pretty fortunate. I'd like to share a few photos of the stone cutting process with you. Hans is cutting a Nova Scotian Agate.

Click through to view the gallery.

If you were lucky you caught Hans yesterday at a special Canada Day Demonstration at the Seaport Market. 

Thanks a million Hans!